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Anonymous said: Hello, I just starting my fashion wardrobe ? How to kill it what are the essential ? For the coat (celine, wang ?) , the pant (acne, j brand), the bag (kelly, proenza schouler) , I am so lost but ready to invest in the best product !!! xx jenna

Hi Jenna, I think it’s not so much the brand that matter, but if you want to invest in real timeless pieces I can suggest you J brand or current elliot jeans (but I do like american eagle and uniqlo jegging), for coats try to find one that fits you right, no too big or cheap material, you can find good coats at zara or Isabel Marant, I like IRO too. For shirts the best brand is Equipment. There are so many good bags to invest in ! I love my Proenza PS11, also Hermes Kelly is my dream and one of my fav bag is the Céline Trio (so light but fragile), now on my wishlist there is Balenciaga mini papier and Chanel woc. The list of essential is too long so here is a beginning ! 

Anonymous said: How would you wear Chanel "cuissardes" ? Best xx

With a skinny light jeans, a top and a long coat or with a skater skirt an sweater, here is some inspiration :