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Anonymous asked: Hello, who are the most stylish french blogger according to you ? Xsavannahlalom

Honestly I am more a fan of international blogger than french blogger (styleheroine, songofstyle, sincerelyjules, …) but here is a list of french blog that I like :






freetobeyouu asked: tumblr.(com)/reblog/82218587789/ju3UN29m It doesn't let me send links but just delete the brackets around "com" and it should work! :)

The link doesn’t work for me because there is the ‘reblog’ inside. You need to send me the orignal link from my blog :)

Anonymous asked: What do u think about the new Zara faux leather blue pastel biker ? xx I want it but I scared that it will be too messy ....

Hey, I haven’t seen it already but it seems a good idea leather + biker ! If the faux leather doesn’t look too ‘faux’